Name - Willard McKiver III
Instrument - Voice
Location - Durham, NC
Comments -    
Contact - 336.364.4008

Name - Janis McClain-Johnson
Instrument - Voice
Location - US, White Plains, NY, Westchester County
Comments - An adult, experienced, and season singer and songwriter, looking to work with musicians spiritually connected to the music they create. Like all types of music but those with positive lyrics, smooth jazz, soft R & B (lyrically) inspirational and gospel. Looking forward to working with you.
Contact - 914 831-5887,,

Name - Dan Zegart
Instrument - drums
Location - Lambertville, NJ
Comments - Proficient drummer looking for band to commit to. Prefer funk or jazz with Latin and funk influences. Rock, r&b, hip hop ok if right situation with good foundation.
Contact -

Name - Norman Perry
Instrument - Drummer/Percussionist
Location - USA, Pasadena California
Comments - SMOOTH JAZZ FUNK SOUL R&B DRUMMER Norman Perry, one of the most experienced versatile smooth jazz funk drummers on the scene today. Have recorded & toured on gold records, open for recording sessions & tours…etc. Read & write charts, Timing Is Everything. Must be legitimate business, preferably with management.
Contact - Call 310.617.6790 or e-mail or

Name - Darryl Conlonenced
Instrument - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Voc.
Location - Connecticut
Comments - Classically trained, Traditionally influenced
Contact -

Name - Ashley
Instrument - Voice (lead singer or singer) 
Location - Catawissa/Bloomsburg, PA
Comments - I would like to sing with a pop band. I'm a really good singer. I've gone to state's twice and I'm in songfest and select choir.

Contact -

Name - Ivan Jelenkovic 
Instrument - 6 instruments..... two persons
Location - Yugoslavia...... Nish
Comments - Hi...... We are musicians from Yugoslavia and Russia..........My name is Ivan Jelenkovic...... I play 4 instruments ( guitar...... bass...... drums and piano.....)..... also I sing and I have a lot of compositions in various styles........ from modern jazz, ambiental, rock, ethno and so on......My girlfriend Ksenia Kritchevskaia sing and play violin.........We are completely open for cooperation and we are ready to come in any part of the Earth....... Any of compositions are on the next site.......
More information you can take if you contact us over emails
Contact - pivce@EUnet.yu

Name - Kim Ackerson
Instrument - Vocalist
Location - USA, New York, New York
Comments - Working vocalist looking for some new blood. Photo, ref's available. 40's, Big Band, Jazz
Contact -

Name - Navah
Instrument - Voice and Songwriter
Location - USA , Boston , MA
Comments - I am looking to put together a bad ass band, I am getting sign to a major lable but I need to buzz more in my home town.
Contact - (617) 536-9672 ,

Name - George V Johnson Jr.
Instrument - Jazzvocalese`
Location - Trenton NJ
Comments -
Contact - 609-278-1022

Name -
Instrument -
Location - deltona florida
Comments - serious killer guitar player available,to rock the world.influens:orgy,korn,pantera,fear factory,ozzy
Contact -

Name - Jeanne Gere
Instrument - Vocalist (lite jazz, big band)
Location - Nashville, TN USA
Comments - This artist is looking to work and promote her new album world wide. Go to for more info
Contact -

Name - Steve DeVito
Instrument - alto and tenor saxophones
Location - flushing NY USA
Comments - I am a Pro sax player seeking a working r&B/funk band call 718-461-7123
Contact -

Name -

Name Sam Bailey

Instrument - Jazz Organist
Location - Plainfield New Jersey
Comments - Jazz organist seeks vocalist to work with trio.
Contact -

Name - Lorenzo Toppin
Instrument - Sax
Location - USA, Bowie,Maryland
Comments -
Contact -

Name - Greg Davis
Instrument - Trombone
Location - USA, Houston, TX
Comments - University of North Texas Senior, with plenty of experience in a Big band setting. Other experience includes: Church Gigs, Ensemble work, and showbands.
Contact -

Name - Lee Davis
Instrument - singer/songwriter acoustic guitar
Location - Ft Worth , TX
Comments - My name is Lee Davis. I'm a singer songwriter from Ft. Worth, looking to add some musicians. My music is along the lines of Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jack Ingram, Steve Earl, etc. Not very difficult stuff, but quaylity stuff. I plan on playing hard around DFW and then branching out when things get rollin. We will be playing paying gigs. Have many contacts lined up and I'm just waiting on the right group of guys to get things right. If your interested please write me back asap and we'll try to get something set up. Thanks a lot for your time and hope to hear from ya soon!
Contact -

Name - Christopher
Instrument - Guitar
Location - New York City
Comments - Guitar lessons for all ages/levels. Teacher with many years of experience.Email or call!
Contact - or 212-563-0451

Name - Michael McCanless
Instrument - violin / fiddle
Location - Nashville, TN
Comments - Nashville, TN fiddle player "at liberty" - - - formerly with Hank Williams III touring nationwide. Now available for studio sessions, full road tours or "one-offs"
Have played since age three, classically trained. Talented, experienced, quick to learn parts and/or improvise. Comfortable in any style or groove. Energetic stage presence reflecting joy of music and performing. Excellent stage rig offering amplification to match any sound requirement, from true acoustic tone to crazed effects.
Country / Bluegrass / Hardcore Rock / Speed Metal / Gypsy / Irish / Brazilian / Classical
Contact - Michael McCanless

Name - Ryan
Instrument - Keys,Guitar,Sax,Flute,Bass Guitar,Left-hand/Pedal Bass
Location - Bridgewater,NJ
Comments - Toured Europe several times. Backed members of The Doors,Animals,Rascals,War. Looking for local gigs,recording,tours.
Contact - 908-725-3296

Name - Shredder
Instrument - Keyboards
Location - USA, Dallas, TX
Comments - 35 years piano - 25 synth, I own 8 synthesizers
Seek paying gigs rock/jazz/blues/pop whatever
Contact -

Name - T. Pell
Instrument - vocals
Location - USA, Akron/Cleveland, Ohio
Comments - I've spent the last ten years modeling my voice after the most important male jazz vocalists. I've got a talent like few have ever had and would love to give my voice a workout.
Contact -

Name - Rick Earnhardt
Instrument - Keyboards, Midi, Sampling
Location - Sharon, PA
Comments - 32 years old, 15+ years gigging experience, looking for funk, r&b, 80s, 90s, etc...sequenced work, but am a college trained player and will entertain all serious requests.
Contact -

Name - che ai
Instrument - programmer,bassist&doubleBass\strolling band
Location - kuala lum pur,malaysia
Comments - ok
Contact - 012-6751391\

Name - Jeff 
Instrument - Drummer
Location - USA, San Dimas, CA
Comments - Basically, a band with versatility that can play anything and likes all kinds of music.  Hard Emo, Rock, Anything really excpet heavy metal and gothic music.
Contact - (909)720-1704

Name - Elli Fordyce
Instrument - Vocalist
Location - New York City
Comments - Seasoned jazz vocalist/cabaret performer. Here my clips on Look forward to hearing from you.
Contact -

Name - David Smith
Instrument - drums
Location - usa watertown south dakota
Comments -      
Contact -

Name - Chris Semich
Instrument - Electric Violinist
Location - Baltimore ,Maryland
Comments - Ellectric Violinist,Rock,Blues Classic Rock,Alternative,metal,Originals,Able to jump on stage and play leads to most music,with effect
Contact -

Name - Steve Align
Instrument - DRUMMER
Comments -       
Contact - 516-481-6768

Name - Mike Jackson
Instrument - Keyboards/Recording
Location - USA
Contact - 330-869-2106

Name - abdala saghir
Instrument - Drums-percussion
Location - USA-Grand Rapids-Mi
Comments -    
Contact -

Name - Dan Zegart
Instrument - drums, percussion
Location - Princeton, NJ, USA
Comments - Well-trained, experienced, proficient drummer looking for a  band to commit to.  Prefer funk or funk rock styles.
Contact -

Name - Brian Sullivan
Instrument - Drums
Location - USA, Pgh,Pa
Comments - I am a drummer in my 40's with 25+yrs experince, seeking working band in pgh area.Intrests are oldies,70's Top40,classic rock,disco, Trib Bands.etc.Have demo available upon request.If intrested Please reply to address listed.
Contact - 2809 Clearview Dr Pgh Pa 15116

Name - Tamer Tewfik
Instrument - Piano, guitar
Location - USA, New York, NY; New Jersey; Pennsylvania
Comments - Currently reside in New Jersey, available in New York tri-state area
Contact - 917 697-0585,

Name - Steve DeVito
Instrument - sax
Location - Flushing NY
Comments - pro Horn player Alto/tenor sax hear me
Contact - call 718-461-7123 212-806-6566

Name - Desmond Terrazone
Instrument - Drummer, Drums
Location - USA,Norwalk,California
Comments - Very professional, talented drummer. Looking to work with other professionals. Very versatile; Jazz/Fusion,Pop,Rock,Latin, Funk.
Contact - 562-659-3745,

Name - David Sonia
Instrument - Drums
Location - Leominster,Ma.
Comments - Looking for gig with GB band in or around area.
Contact -

Name - adam abundis
Instrument - trumpet
Location - usa,buena park,ca
Comments -   
Contact -

Name - Sal "Sax"
Instrument - Tenor Sax
Location - NY
Comments - Great Saxman available 3oyrs experience...Standards,Jazz ,Blues, Funk, Rock, Disco, Oldies... I've done it all give me a call.
Contact -

Name - Kenneth Reed
Instrument - playing 40 years and counting
Location -  usa infield ct
Comments - I am retired from Nasa Goddard. in greenbelt md. I'm home and availible. Call any time.
Contact - 860-741-7546 or 860-874-5495

Name - Showtyme
Instrument - Piano/Wind Sax
Location - Atlanta,GA USA
Comments - Available for hire as a solo pianist or duo
Contact - 8003992394

Name - John R. White, Jr. - group 'white noise'
Instrument - trumpet-flugelhorn
Location - u.s.a. wichita, ks. 67211
Comments - Lead trumpet WOODY HERMAN 2 yrs. Lead trumpet Las Vegas show room bands 30 yrs. The 5 piece jazz ensemble White Noise has been playing for 12 yrs. Videos CD's available on request.
Contact - 1(800) 785-6748

Name - Nick
Instrument - Drums
Location - USA, Orange County NY (northern NJ, NYC)
Comments - Comments I am a drummer who is looking for musicians to play in a rhythmic (Jazz/Rock/Latin)type band in an original style.
Contact -

Name - Dale Graham
Instrument - Electric Bass, Double bass
Location - central New Jersey
Comments - I have been playing electric bass for 16 years, double bass for about a year. I play rock, top 40, jazz, funk, blues-all styles. I have lots of professional experience, including cruise ships, touring bands, weddings, and of course plenty of club dates. I am 30 years old
Contact -

Name - martin rivera
Instrument - flute, saxes, wind synth, vocals
Location - San Fernando Valley (La,CA)
Comments - tenor & alto sax, c flute & yamaha wind lead tenor vocals eddie Kendricks to Lou Rawls. Smooth Jazz & pop styles.also Jazz Standards
Contact -

Name - Doreen's Jazz New Orleans and Band
Instrument - Clarinet, Tuba, Piano, Bass Guitar, Trumpet
Location -   
Comments - I have an amazing offer available for you. I represent Doreen's Jazz New Orleans, she has been named Ms. Satchmo after the illustrious Louis Armstrong. Her performance is filled with exhilaration that leaves the crowd amazed. I would like to set up a meeting with you to show her promotional package. Doreen and her band will bring crowds of people just to see her perform. My telephone number 504-473-4011, please ask for Simone Cherry.
Contact - Simone Cherry/504-473-4011

Name - Olli
Instrument - Drums average
Location - Germany, Osnabrück/Münster
Comments - i am only 20 years old, want to study jazz and i am looking for some gigs... that's it ;)
Contact -

Name - Showtyme Smooth_Jazz Duo
Instrument - Piano & Sax
Location - Atlanta,GA USA
Comments - Available abroad and USA.Visit the website at
Contact - 800-399-2394

Name - Anthony Baker
Instrument - Drums
Location - USA Smyrna, GA
Comments - Pocket Drummer avaiable for hire! Versatile in most all styles, R&B, Gospel, Pop, etc... If interested, please contact Anthony at 404-644-9414.. thanks
Contact - 404-644-9414

Name - Fen
Instrument - Vibes-Drums-Percussion
Location - Atlanta, GA
Comments - Twenty-plus years performing. Formerly with US Army bands. Gigs have varied: solo vibes/marimba to studio jazz orchestra (w/ lots of piano trio, rock combo, bigbands, etc in the mix.) Venues sized from Borders Books to 14,000 seat Budokan (Japan) I'm looking for quality musicians in the area...who are established with gigs/ projects. I'm comfortable playing as an occasional sideman, or permanent fixture official-type member (either instrument) DRUMMER: Styles (not limited to) jazz, funk, rock, swing, latin... VIBIST-mallet keyboard: some legit, mostly rock and jazz, comping and improvisation, extensive use of four-mallet grip... CONGEURO: Afro-cuban, pop, Brazilian rhythms. I have a full set of hand drums and a modest cache of world/latin percussion...
Contact - 770 254-8168;

Name - Ed
Instrument - Guitar - Alt Rock/Grunge or Screamo
Location - Brooklyn, New York
Comments - Hey All,
Looking for band or want to start one ..... I'm 18 years old i've been playing guitar for about 4 years. I want to be in a 'Alt rock/Grunge' or 'Screamo' type band. I don't care, I just want to be in a serious band and play shows. I live New York City more specifically' brooklyn'. Please reply if ur only serious about being in a band. Email me at or just simply reply to this message.
Thanks.  -Ed
Contact -

Name - Colin D'Cruz
Instrument - Fretless bass
Location - Goa, India
Comments - Hear some of my bassplaying at
Contact -

Name - Ed Burns
Instrument - Guitar
Location - Lowell, MA, U.S.A.
Comments - I'm a pretty good guitar player who loves jazz and can solo real well looking to get together with some other guys who want to play some great music
Contact -

Name - Lorenzo Toppin
Instrument - Tenor Saxophone
Location - Upper Marlboro
Comments -    
Contact -

Name - jim matthews
Instrument - drums
Location - usa ,studio city, ca
Comments - experienced jazz drummer 48 years old looking for veteran players to do gigs around town. i have some club contacts. straight ahead stuff or groove oriented. pros only
Contact -

Name - Augustin Duplessis
Instrument - Saxophone
Location - United States New York, New York
Comments - Professional jazz saxophonist, with an impressive performance history, participation in prestigious jazz festivals, and appearance in a special jazz television program in the United States. To see and hear more about Augustin please check out (enter FTV Jazz) and
Contact -

Name - Vince Seneri
Instrument - Hammond B3 Organ
Location - USA
Comments - Available throughout USA & Internationally.
Contact -; (256) 513-0263

Name - Stephen 'Fingers" O'Hearn
Instrument - Drummer
Location - Colorado, Boston, Georgia, NYC
Comments - I am a well rounded drummer with roots in Fusion/Funk some Rock and looking for studio work either on-site or remote from home, hard worker and aim to please!!!
Contact -

Name - ron mitchell
Instrument - vocalist (tenor)
Location - usa california
Comments - my name is ron mitchell im a male vocalist available for gigs worldwide. i can work with a band as guest vocalist .or i can bring my duo.. i use an mp3 mini disc player on my duo gigs.i have a passport...willing to travel
Contact -

Name - Romeo Herrera
Instrument - guitar
Location - Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA
Comments - I used to play with an ensemble (2 guitars & 1 flute). Looking for a similar group to join.
Contact - Phone:(647)-3455968, Email:, Address: 203-1580 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA

Name - Taylor
Instrument - Electric Bass, or backround guitar
Location - US near burlington NJ
Comments -  I am not the best bass player and im not afraid to admit it. But I am good, and can play any style of music. I am extremely good at jazz playing and rock. If you are needing a bass player for a gig give me a call. I also just quit a previous band due to drug use, so I am looking around for a clean band to join (NO DRUGS!) I also play guitar pretty good. I can play power chords veryy well. PLEASE CALL ME. IM EXPERIENCED!! If i dont answer please leave message!!!
Contact - Call at 856 461 4016

Name - Nathan B
Instrument - All saxophones, flute, clarinet, piano, drums
Location - USA, Reading/Philadelphia, PA
Comments - contact me!
Contact -

Name - AP
Instrument - Vocalist - Writer
Location - Monmouth County, NJ
Comments - Jazz vocalist looking for big band or quartet to perform standards and original material.
Contact - 732-332-9800

Name - Jeff Karns
Instrument - Tenor Sax
Location - Brooklyn NY
Comments - DR SAXE

Professional Saxophonist for 34 years … 24 years in the bands known as “Grease Release” and “The Hurricanes”, having roots at Binghamton University Music Dept. now in residence in New York City. Strengths: Pop, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, R+B just about any and all styles. Back-up and some lead vocals also rehearsal direction and production skills. Can do solid jazz standard gigs also. DR SAXE reads well and has a well-honed ear. If you are looking for a schooled and experienced, tasteful saxophonist with a rich, thick beautiful sound on tenor sax to back and compliment vocals, blend into a section and play tasteful solos (from laid-back to SCREAMIN') then you have found your sax player. An excellent choice as a solid asset to your musical endeavor, DR SAXE Growls, SHOUTS or will just sing you a song through “The Love Horn”. DR SAXE is a phenomenon of flexibility. You may have already heard DR SAXE at such outdoor venues such as Duffy and Pershing Squares, Madison and Union Square Parks. CONTACT: 646.363.3843 or
Contact - 1718.484.8755